Original Girl Superheroes

$ 30.00
So many girl superheroes seem to be copies of their male hero counterparts - Batgirl, Supergirl, etc. Here are three original girl heroes for your daughter or son to play with and tell their own heroic stories. I provide a small card giving a hint of a backstory - its up to your kids to do the rest! They come in a great tin that can be used as part of their play or just for storage.

The card introduces them as the Stone Sisters - Jade, Ruby and Sapphire. Their costumes hint at a Samurai past, but not much about them is known. How do they use their powers? Who do they fight? Its all up to the small person holding them in their hands.

They stand 2 5/8 inches tall, and are protected with non-toxic varnish. They will usually be painted to order but may possibly be ready to ship. Questions? Send me a message before you purchase.