Old Testament Heroes Peg Dolls - Noah, Moses, Joseph, and Jonah

$ 32.00

Old Testament heroes in peg doll form! Here we have Noah with a dove, Moses, with his staff and the ten commandments, Joseph in his coat of many colors, and Jonah being eating by the fish. I see these peg dolls being used in countless ways - in church and private school settings, as thoughtful gifts, and for children to enjoy retelling stories from the best Book ever!

I see an increasing need for original, timeless toys - not tied to tv shows and movies - toys that set a child free to play his own games with his own stories. Children don't have to be told how to play with these peg dolls - they just grab them and off they go!

If you would like to order multiple sets, I would be happy to discuss bulk pricing with you.

They stand 2 5/8 inches tall, and have two coats of non-toxic varnish to keep them safe. They will arrive at your home in their own little muslin bag for storage and safe-keeping.

They are not recommended for children who mouth their toys, however they can be created in the larger peg size. Send me a message if interested.

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