Old Testament Family Peg Dolls - Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecca

$ 32.00

Add to your Bible Story telling opportunities with this versatile set of peg dolls. While I am calling them Abraham, Sarah, Issac and Rebecca, they could easily be any number of characters! Abraham can be Methuselah or Simeon, Sarah can be Anna or Naomi, Rebecca can be Ruth or any number of younger women in the Old and New Testaments, and Isaac, can be almost any younger man in the Bible.

These peg dolls can be used in countless ways - in church and private school settings, as thoughtful gifts, and for children to enjoy retelling stories from the best Book ever!

I see an increasing need for original, timeless toys - not tied to tv shows and movies - toys that set a child free to play his own games with his own stories. Children don't have to be told how to play with these peg dolls - they just grab them and off they go!

If you would like to order multiple sets, I would be happy to discuss bulk pricing with you.

They stand 2 5/8 inches tall, and have two coats of non-toxic varnish to keep them safe. They will arrive at your home in their own little muslin bag for storage and safe-keeping.

They are not recommended for children who mouth their toys, however they can be created in the larger peg size. Send me a message if interested.

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