Classic DC Superheroes Peg Doll Set

$ 32.00
These old-school superhero peg dolls are great for hours of imagination based play. They are also great for the adult superhero fans in your life. Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, and Spiderman have become such a part of our childhoods, our shared culture. Your children are free to pretend that they are "the real deal" or they can make up their own heroes and adventures. If they outgrow their love of superheroes, they can be packed away for another generation, and come to life again - no broken plastic, just quality heirloom toys.

At our home, we play board games with these guys instead of the figures that come in the box.

They stand 2 1/2 inches tall, and have two coats of non-toxic varnish to keep them safe. They will arrive at your home in their own little muslin bag for storage and safe-keeping.